The mission of Park East High School is to equitably educate students of diverse cultural backgrounds and abilities to conduct research, solve complex problems, and clearly express ideas through discussion, writing, and presentation. Our vision is that graduates will actively engage as voters, jurors, and justice-minded participants in a democratic society.

Through intellectually challenging classes and our advisories, students develop agency, celebrate individual and social responsibility, and attain high personal and academic standards. Athletics, student-driven clubs, and school-wide traditions reflect our commitment to being an empathetic, inclusive, and fun-loving community, enabling students to pursue their aspirations for college and career.

Our community is guided by our core values, “Purpose, Preparation, and Pride,” which mirror and mold the mission of Park East High School. 


Welcome to the 2022-2023 school year!

I am thrilled to welcome you all back for the year we get to be truly whole and together in full at Park East.

Our building has undergone some serious renovations that will better meet our needs. We have three new beautiful (larger) classrooms. One of our projects for the year will be to give them new names and forever mark this moment. We have also opened a new staircase to minimize crowding in our hallways and stairs – the staircase needs a new name too! We have new teacher offices and new spaces for small group instruction, so we can better build on our successful practice of instructing students in groups of 3-5 to help you achieve strong academic success and be ready to kill it in college.

As we begin this exciting school year and welcome the Class of 2026 to our community, I encourage you to keep our school motto in mind.  Purpose, preparation, and pride are not just words. Together, they represent a beacon to shape our futures.  

Set your purpose, your intentions, your goals. To achieve your purpose, focus on careful preparation with the support of those around you and with your most thoughtful planning. Do everything with pride in yourself, your school, your family, and all the communities you belong to. 

Our vision as a school is to create graduates who are ready to meet the challenges of our complicated, messy world and make it a better place by being lifelong voters, jurors, and social justice activists. As your principal, I constantly refer back to purpose, preparation, and pride as my guide to lead you to achieve your academic, social, and personal goals and have a lot of fun along the way.

Let’s go, Park East! Let’s go, Pride!

Much love,
Dr Suzy Ort
August 2022





Upcoming Events

  • Optional tutoring day: All students welcome

    HS495 (04M495) - Park East High School
  • Senior Supper

    HS495 (04M495) - Park East High School
  • Professional Development Day

    HS495 (04M495) - Park East High School
  • No school for students

    HS495 (04M495) - Park East High School
  • Senior Prom

    HS495 (04M495) - Park East High School
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