The mission of Park East High School is to equitably educate students of diverse cultural backgrounds and abilities to conduct research, solve complex problems, and clearly express ideas through discussion, writing, and presentation. Our vision is that graduates will actively engage as voters, jurors, and justice-minded participants in a democratic society.

Through intellectually challenging classes and our advisories, students develop agency, celebrate individual and social responsibility, and attain high personal and academic standards. Athletics, student-driven clubs, and school-wide traditions reflect our commitment to being an empathetic, inclusive, and fun-loving community, enabling students to pursue their aspirations for college and career.

Our community is guided by our core values, “Purpose, Preparation, and Pride,” which mirror and mold the mission of Park East High School. 


Dear Park East Community –

I am looking forward to an exciting school year ahead of us as we welcome four new teachers, 105 new 9th graders, 10 transfer 10th graders, and one new senior to our school this year.  

Our amazing teachers have always been the backbone of what makes Park East such a special school. Guided by our mission to shape our graduates into prepared, thoughtful, and justice- minded participants in a democratic society, this year we will focus on engaging, discussion- based learning; academic success supported by strong student support systems; and creating a powerful culture of belonging that ensures all students are known well. 

Another important goal for us this year is to increase the ways in which we hear from students and families about the hopes and expectations you have for the Park East experience. We have reviewed our NYC DOE survey results and plan to engage our student leaders who serve in student government and Principal’s Advisory Council, as well as the student equity leaders, to further improve our school’s policies and practices. We are excited to hear your thoughts on everything from the rigor and relevance of our curriculum, our extracurricular opportunities, and how we allocate our budget. In our first year as a PROSE school – a special collaborative program with the teachers’ union (UFT) and the DOE – we will be working together to be ever better. As always, we will be guided by our strong commitment to our school’s mission and by our motto: Purpose, Preparation and PRIDE!

We heartily welcome our first-year students, the Class of 2027, and are ready to celebrate our SENIORS all year long. This is your year! Let’s make 2023-24 a really special, fun, and exciting one.

All best,

Dr Suzy Ort
August 2023





Upcoming Events

  • SLT Meeting (Zoom)

    HS495 (04M495) - Park East High School
  • SLT Meeting (Zoom)

    HS495 (04M495) - Park East High School
  • PTA Meeting via Zoom

    HS495 (04M495) - Park East High School
  • Orientation for incoming 9th graders

    HS495 (04M495) - Park East High School
  • Orientation for incoming 10th graders

    HS495 (04M495) - Park East High School
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