School News

Park East High School

Students Support Services

  • Park East goes beyond providing mandated services to students by proving all students with IEPs a resource period programmed into their schedules two to five times per week.
  • Park East offers ICT classes in ALL core subjects at EVERY grade level in order to best serve all of our students.
  • Park East offers all students teacher office hours twice per week before school starts to provide extra support.
  • Park East offers academic intervention services for ninth graders which promotes our 97% passing rate for the Integrated Algebra Regents.
  • Park East has two guidance counselors, one social worker, one psychologist, one ELL teacher and one speech teacher for a population of 432 students, 60 of whom have IEPs.
  • Students who are mandated to receive Speech have it programmed into their schedules.
  • In compliance with the new DOE Flex programming, there is a team to individually program each child with an IEP consisting of a guidance counselor, a grade level coordinator, the programming chair and the special education department chair.
  • In the spirit of total inclusion, students with IEPs at Park East do not all travel together as one group.
  • ICT classes are programmed first to ensure a thoughtful and beneficial blend for all students in each class.
  • Park East conducts a weekly Special Education team meeting consisting of the speech teacher, the special education teachers, an assistant principal and a guidance counselor.
  • Park East has a comprehensive PSAL sports program which supports the model of total inclusion and helps motivate students to attend classes and stay on track.
  • Twice yearly, Park East holds a family night for all families of Special Education students to provide support and address concerns.
  • Park East’s English Language Learner students have strong results on the NYSESLAT Exam and continue to receive support until graduation.