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  • Parent Teacher Conferences -- Friday, 10/27 from 1:00-3:00 or 5:00-7:30

    HS495 (04M495) - Park East High School
  • Parent Teacher Conferences!

    We will host PE families on Friday, 10/27 from 1:00-3:00 and/or 5:00 - 7:30

    Meet the teachers.  Sign up for Jupiter grades and have your child's grades texted to you.  Meet other PE families.

    Join us!

    HS495 (04M495) - Park East High School
  • Park East ranks in the NY Daily News Top Schools List!

    Park East ranks #31 in the NY Daily News Top Schools list!   Go Pride! 

    HS495 (04M495) - Park East High School
  • Emergency Drills Notice

    In light of the tragic death of a student during school, we thought it prudent to review with our Park East families the proper procedure for the three emergency drills we are responsible for conducting throughout the school year: lock downs, shelter-ins and evacuation drills.   Please see the attached document for details.  

    HS495 (04M495) - Park East High School
  • Puerto Rico Hurricane Relief Drive!

    As many of you know Puerto Rico was hit hard by Hurricane Maria and many in our Park East community are still struggling to contact their families or know that they are having difficulties on the island.  NYC is running a citywide Puerto Rico Hurricane Relief drive which we are now participating in.  There is box in the lobby designated to collect baby food, diapers, batteries, first aid supplies, and feminine hygiene products.  Please drop off items to the Park East lobby!  

    HS495 (04M495) - Park East High School

    Are you interested in joining the Park East High School family next fall?   Please click the ADMISSIONS tab above to learn more about our admissions process or click the link to SCHEDULE A VIST!    We look forward to your visit! 

    If you are a school counselor and would like to request a private tour, please contact  Assistant Principal Mrs. Edmonds at


    HS495 (04M495) - Park East High School

    Check out summer and fall practice dates on the NEW Pride website! All forms available there too

    HS495 (04M495) - Park East High School
  • Chancellor Letter on Immigration and Frequently Asked Questions – January 30, 2017

    Please see the attached Chancellor Letter on Immigration and Frequently Asked Questions

    HS495 (04M495) - Park East High School
  • Park East made the NY Post Top 40 Best NYC High School list!

    Click the link below to read about Park East on the Top 40 Best NYC High School list!

    HS495 (04M495) - Park East High School

Park East High School

Students Support Services

  • Park East goes beyond providing mandated services to students by proving all students with IEPs a resource period programmed into their schedules two to five times per week.
  • Park East offers ICT classes in ALL core subjects at EVERY grade level in order to best serve all of our students.
  • Park East offers all students teacher office hours twice per week before school starts to provide extra support.
  • Park East offers academic intervention services for ninth graders which promotes our 97% passing rate for the Integrated Algebra Regents.
  • Park East has two guidance counselors, one social worker, one psychologist, one ELL teacher and one speech teacher for a population of 432 students, 60 of whom have IEPs.
  • Students who are mandated to receive Speech have it programmed into their schedules.
  • In compliance with the new DOE Flex programming, there is a team to individually program each child with an IEP consisting of a guidance counselor, a grade level coordinator, the programming chair and the special education department chair.
  • In the spirit of total inclusion, students with IEPs at Park East do not all travel together as one group.
  • ICT classes are programmed first to ensure a thoughtful and beneficial blend for all students in each class.
  • Park East conducts a weekly Special Education team meeting consisting of the speech teacher, the special education teachers, an assistant principal and a guidance counselor.
  • Park East has a comprehensive PSAL sports program which supports the model of total inclusion and helps motivate students to attend classes and stay on track.
  • Twice yearly, Park East holds a family night for all families of Special Education students to provide support and address concerns.
  • Park East’s English Language Learner students have strong results on the NYSESLAT Exam and continue to receive support until graduation.