The College Office at Park East is led by Siobhan Houlihan. The role of the Guidance/College Office is to help the students assess their academic skills and interests, in addition helping them develop personal/social, academic, and career goals to ensure students are well prepared to handle the challenges of college and adulthood. Counselors help students throughout the year by evaluating their academic performance and discussing various issues including: social and behavior problems, adjusting to high school, time management, study skills, career exploration, graduation requirements and college preparation. The Guidance/College Office is also a resource for students and parents. 

The College Process 

In junior year, the formal college selection process begins.  Working with parents and teachers, the guidance counselor writes to each college on behalf of the student to requesting information about the college admission process. Throughout the school year we also schedule trips to a variety colleges campus. 

Going through the college admission process can be overwhelming for students, as well parents and that's understandable. There is a lot of information out there and this is a major life decision for the student that's searching for the college he wants to attend and his family. The Guidance/College will help students ease this process by providing them with all the college resources they need to find a college their choice and complete successfully the college admission process.