Student Policies and Procedures

Student Policies and Procedures

Student Policies and Procedures: 2021-22


Students are expected to be in uniform every day. Please see the uniform website for ordering information. School dress down days are always announced on the school Instagram and website.   

  • Park East logo polo (short-sleeved), Park East logo crew neck shirt (long-sleeved), Park East T-shirt, or East Harlem Pride T-shirt
  • Park East logo hoodie or quarter-zip fleece
  • Non-Park East hoodies or zip-up sweaters in solid colors are acceptable; uniform shirt worn underneath must be visible. 
  • Jean jackets are allowed on top of visible uniform shirt.
  • Undershirts must be solid navy blue or white
  • Navy blue or khaki dress pants (chinos), shorts, or skirt; or Park East sweatpants
  • NO jeans, black pants, skintight stretchy pants, leggings, joggers, or sweatpants (other than Park East sweatpants)
  • NO hats/headgear (other than for religious purposes)
  • Regular shoes or sneakers in any color and with any design
  • No tank tops, tube tops, spaghetti straps, beachwear. No visible underwear.
  • No flip-flops or flimsy sandals
  • Skirts, dresses, and shorts must be at least fingertip length.
  • Pants must fit around the waist – no oversized, sagging pants
  • On game days, athletes may wear their Park East athletic attire; sweatpants are allowed then.

Note that the dress code applies during special events; however, students may be allowed to wear other items based on the day’s activities as approved by administration.


Students must scan in with their school ID every morning.  First period begins at 8:50 am; if you arrive after 8:55 you are considered late and must sign the late log. If you have no first period class, you may arrive at school in time for your second period class. Students are considered to have missed their first period class if they scan in after 9:20, and their second period class if they scan in after 10:00 am.


Breakfast: The cafeteria is open for breakfast before school. We also provide “grab and go” breakfast in the lobby until 9:15 am. Students may eat breakfast during their first class of the day ONLY. Teachers may determine their own cutoff point for eating in class. 

Lunch: Students can go out for lunch (unless on detention) or eat in the cafeteria. While you may bring food from home to eat in the cafeteria, you cannot go out and bring outside food back at lunchtime.  (Note that you there is nowhere to refrigerate or reheat food.) If you need to come back from lunch early to do work or meet with a teacher, you must obtain a pass from the teacher.



STUDENTS ARE ONLY ALLOWED TO USE THEIR PHONES  IN CLASS WITH THE TEACHER’S PERMISSION. Each teacher sets their own policy for phone use during class. 

Phones should be put away and on silent BEFORE you go to your first class. Cell phones should not be visible in the hallways, lobby, gym, or main office. Students can use their cell phones during their lunch period in the cafeteria. They can use cell phones in the library only with headphones and if they are not disturbing other students or staff in the library. 

There is absolutely no recording allowed in any space in the building, including the cafeteria and the library.

Headphones are only allowed in the cafeteria, library, and in the classroom with teacher permission. That means no headphones in any other school spaces, including the gym. (Note: if you have headphones or earbuds on, chances are you are using your phone, even if it is not visible!)

If your phone and/or headphones are confiscated by Admin/Dean or given to Admin/Dean, they will not be returned until the end of the day. A dean referral is entered into Jupiter, and three infractions will result in a request for a parent to come and pick up the device.



When you are programmed for Office Skills or an Internship, this is a responsibility to be taken seriously. Students are working for teachers during this time, and it is not a free period. You are not allowed to use your phone or listen to music, even while making copies or walking around the building. 



Unless specified otherwise, your work is expected to be done independently. Giving your work to another student or receiving work that is not yours (either from another student or the internet) is considered cheating. Each teacher determines the consequence of academic dishonesty in their class. In all cases, the teacher will notify a parent. Multiple offenses can result in further disciplinary action.



Students found under the influence of an illegal substance are subject to a search of personal items, including book bags and lockers.  

If it is determined that a student is under the influence, a parent will be notified and the student will be sent home.

The possession of an illegal substance or weapon will result in an automatic Principal’s Suspension. 



Our code of ethics for all Park East community members includes: 

  • Celebrating kindness/ be an ally
  • Anti-bullying/cyberbullying
  • Respect for diversity, disability, and racial diversity, and religious acceptance
  • Pride in and acceptance of diverse gender identity, sexual orientation, and LGBTQ rights

There is zero tolerance for bullying and cyberbullying, as well as fighting and “playfighting.” Students will be disciplined for verbal altercation, playfighting, mocking/teasing/roasting of other students. Physical fights result in an automatic five-day Principal’s Suspension. Cyberbullying includes:  

  • Sending mean texts, DMs, or pictures to someone.
  • Pranking someone's cell phone.
  • Hacking into someone's gaming or social networking profile.
  • Being rude or mean to someone in an online game, social media platform, zoom, or google meets.
  • Spreading secrets or rumors about someone online.



The Parent Coordinator or School  Secretary must confirm with a parent via a telephone call that the student has permission to leave school early. They will then fill out an early release form and have it approved by an administrator. Students must show a copy of the form to the School Safety Agent in the lobby in order to leave the building. 



Our library media center (consisting of a library and a computer lab)  is a beautiful space! Students can visit it during lunch or during free periods. Although it is normally open from 8 am to 5 pm, BUT PLEASE NOTE THAT AS OF SEPTMEBER 2021, IT IS ONLY OPEN DURING SCHOOL HOURS. Please sign into the log on the librarian’s desk when you arrive. Students may visit during a class with their teacher’s permission; please bring a pass from the teacher.  

Students are welcome to use the library desktops or laptops for research, writing papers, or any other school-related assignments. Computers are not to be used for online gaming, music videos, ecommerce, or social media. With permission, students may use headphones to listen to educational content. 

Students may borrow up to five books at a time and keep them for up to three weeks. Books must be returned in good condition. While there is no penalty for late books, lost books are subject to fines of up to $10 each. 

Note that the Library Media Center is the only space available to students during free periods. Students are NOT allowed in the gym or café during free periods.  



We highly recommend that students use a locker to secure their belongings. 

Incoming 9th grade students will sign up for a locker in Advisory and will receive a free combination lock. After the beginning of the year, requests for locks and lockers should be addressed to the Dean.

Seniors must remove their locks from their old small lockers and will be assigned to the large lockers. Juniors and sophomores can keep the lockers they had last year. After all large lockers have been assigned to the seniors who want them, if there are any left over, Honor Roll students will have first pick, in descending grade order.