Transcripts Request

A student's transcript is the official record of the student’s high school credits, final grades, and exams. Generally, a college or other post-secondary institution to determine if a student meets its admission criteria uses a transcript. It may also be presented as evidence of high school graduation to employers. 


Obtaining Transcripts – Former Students Obtaining 

Former students can get copies of official transcripts by visiting the school or by completing the transcript request form online.

  • If you plan to visit the school in person, please call first; our Parent Coordinator: Melvin Peralta at (212)-831-1517 ext. 102 or email him at to schedule anspecific day and time for you to pickup copies of your official transcript. Bring a form of ID with you such as: a passport or state-issued photo ID to prove your identity.
  • To request copies of official transcripts to be mailed to you, click on the link below, and complete the transcript request form online. Please note that requests may take up to two (2) weeks to be mailed to you.

Transcript Request Form Link


Transcripts – Current Students

If you are the parent or guardian of a student under the age of 18, you can ask for a transcript by making a written request. If your child is currently attending our school, he or she may also request an unofficial transcript from his or her guidance counselor at any time.

When a student is 18 or older, the NYCDOE will only honor transcript requests from the student. Students can give written authorization to access records.

What is an "Official" Transcript?  

Employers, colleges, and other higher education facilities usually request official transcripts. An official transcript is signed and stamped by an authorized NYCDOE staff member and sealed in an envelope that is signed at the seal to assure the recipient of its authenticity. A transcript is considered unofficial unless it is signed and stamped and delivered in a signed, sealed envelope.


If you have any further questions, please feel to contact our school.