Student Policies

PARK EAST POLICIES that students are expected to respect:

BEHAVIOR: Students are expected to display mature behavior both in the classroom and in common school spaces such as the cafeteria and the library. Students should show respect for their teachers and their peers. Accordingly, students may be disciplined for:

  • Insubordination/being disrespectful.
  • Disruptive behavior including talking out of turn during class. 
  • Throwing objects.
  • Using profanity.
  • Cutting class or arriving late to school or class.
  • Bringing prohibited items to school such as food or beverages in glass bottles.
  • Dressing out of uniform.

CELL PHONE POLICY – Cell phones are a prohibited item as per Dept. of Education (DOE).

       1st Offense: Phone is returned, written referral, and a warning.

      2nd Offense: Phone is again returned, written referral and Detention.

     3rd Offense: DEAN* takes it, it is NOT returned and a parent must come pick it up.

      IF ADMIN* confiscates phone at any time, it will not be returned and a parent must come to get phone.


Students are expected to dress in Park East gear (or East Harlem Pride Sports gear): Park East shirt and khaki pants (beige or navy blue). Non-school colored pullovers or hoodies are automatic referrals. (Please don’t say “I got you” or “I’m gonna take it off.”) Winter jackets, scarfs, and hats are to be removed and put away in lockers! There will be absolutely no dress down days in the month of September. Dress down days must be earned and are a privilege.


Students will be expected to secure their belongings (phones, hoodies, hats, jackets, etc – yes, the lockers are big enough to meet student needs) in a locker. This will help reduce the chance of possible theft of your beloved things.


STUDENTS cannot go to the bathroom in between classes OR during the first and last 10 minutes of class. This is actually an unofficial DOE policy. Students must have a pass to be in bathroom and/or the hallways. Students may receive a referral if found without a pass. Please be responsible and return the pass to the correct classroom for the next student. In addition, students can receive a referral by a teacher for entering class late because they came from the bathroom. Go to class FIRST and get a pass.


Cheating in any form is unacceptable and a serious offense (Level 3 infraction in Chancellor’s Discipline Code. This includes copying any assignment, copying from the internet without proper citation, and looking at someone else's paper during a test.

       1st offense: Parent conference, zero on assignment, warning

      2nd offense: 5-day Principal’s Suspension


Automatic 5-day Principal’s Suspension for BOTH students engaged in a physical altercation in school or off school grounds.

LATE TO CLASS:   3 strikes…

Students can receive detention after 3rd time late with a teacher write-up. Especially 1st period and after lunch.


It is an important life skill to be responsible about your personal identification! Therefore, you need to carry your ID every day. (Try telling a police officer you forgot your license in your other pants. Or buying a replacement license each time you lose yours would be extremely expensive.) Coming to school without your ID is a referral.


Students cannot just leave the building or fail to return after lunch. This is a serious offense. If a student legitimately needs to leave school early, they must go to main office and have the parent coordinator or school secretary confirm with a parent (parents are supposed to come pick up students), get approval from an administrator, and get a signed early release form.  Students will get two weeks' detention and their parents will be called if they leave the building without following proper policy. Additional infractions will result in suspension.


Students who have valid doctor’s notes (for either being late to school or or absent) need to present them to each of their teachers, have teachers initial them, and bring them to the school secretary in the main office.


This is a PRIVILEGE, not a right! Once a student goes out for lunch, they must stay out. Food CANNOT be brought back into the building to eat in cafeteria (especially for another student on detention) or in a teacher’s office or classroom. In addition, students need to wait for an administrator or school safety to let them into the building. Students must return from lunch on time or risk losing their lunch privileges.


The library is a beautiful space. Please respect it.

  • You can only use the library during a free period or lunch period, and only to do work! It is not a hang out.
  • You need to sign in and sign out on the librarian's desk.
  • If a teacher has allowed you to leave during their class, you must have a pass. If you don’t, you will be turned away.
  • If it is your free period, you need to present your program to the librarian. If you don’t, you will be turned away.
  • You must return library books on time. If you lose a book, you must pay a fine of no more than $10. Transcripts, report cards, metrocards can be held until a book is returned or a fine is paid.

Dean Vollmer and Mrs. Edmonds do NOT like to write students up. It is a lot of work! Please just follow school policies.

Thank you.