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  • Advanced Placement Exams Schedule

    All exams will take place in the morning.  Please be in the building by 7:30am.  Don't forget to bring a water bottle and writing utensils (#2 pencils).  No uniform required on day of test and all test takers will be able to leave school after the exam (around 12:00ish).  

    Monday, May 1st: Environmental Science

    Tuesday, May 2nd: Spanish Language & Culture

    Wednesday, May 3rd: English Literature & Composition

    Friday, May 5th: United State History

    Tuesday, May 9th: Calculus 

    Wednesday, May 10th: English Language & Composition


    HS495 (04M495) - Park East High School
  • Elective Class Options Survey: Fall 2017

    All current 9th, 10th and 11th graders should fill out the Elective Class Options Survey.   Your responses will help build your program for the fall semester.  


    HS495 (04M495) - Park East High School
  • Mandatory Incoming 9th Grade Orientation

    Attention all Class of 2021 (Incoming 9th Grade) there will be a mandatory orientation at Park East High School on Wednesday, May 31st starting at 5:30pm sharp!  

    There will be light refreshments as we go over 9th grade expectations, uniform ordering, and official school documents.  This will also be an opportunity to meet many staff members.   

    If you have questions, e-mail our Parent Coordinator, Melvin Peralta at or through phone at 212-831-1517 x.102.  We look forward to meeting all of our new families!  

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  • Chancellor Letter on Immigration and Frequently Asked Questions – January 30, 2017

    Please see the attached Chancellor Letter on Immigration and Frequently Asked Questions

    HS495 (04M495) - Park East High School


    If you are a school counselor and would like to request a private tour, please contact  Assistant Principal Mrs. Edmonds at

    Are you interested in joining the Park East family next fall?   Please click the ADMISSIONS tab above to learn more about our admissions process and to RSVP for a school tour!   Click the link below to schedule a tour date...

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  • Park East made the NY Post Top 40 Best NYC High School list!

    Click the link below to read about Park East on the Top 40 Best NYC High School list!

    HS495 (04M495) - Park East High School

Park East High School

East Harlem Pride Fan Policy

East Harlem Pride Fan Policy 2016-2017

• Only students from Central Park East, Park East, Heritage, Coalition,

TWYLS, and FDA2 can attend games. Students must have IDs to enter

• Only adult family members (ie: parents/guardians) of home and away

players are allowed. No “cousins.”

• Admission fee is $1 for students, $3 for adults

• No fans at all at scrimmages.

• If bleachers are full, no more spectators will be admitted.

• If there is no bouncer from an individual Pride school, no fans from that

school will be admitted

• No food or drinks (besides water) in the new gym


• Entry time is 15 minutes prior to the start of games (usually 4:15). No

entry before. In bball no entry after 2 nd half has started. No exceptions.

• At CPE dismissal students must exit the school building and re-enter as

per the entrance to game policies outlined above (15 minutes prior to start).

Students who DO NOT adhere to this policy will be banned from future



• There will be a representative from each school at all games stationed

outside the gym. No bouncer = no fans from that school

• If you disrespect any adult (teachers, safety agents, etc..), you will be

banned from ALL future games. No exceptions, no excuses.

• It is ok and encouraged to cheer for the home team, but abusive language

towards the away team will not be tolerated.

• A school safety officer will always be posted at the front entrance to the

gym and at the side entrance inside the gym.


• No school, no game.



Each school will provide a BANNED list to school safety agents at CPE


(only adult family members of players will be admitted)

Questions/Concerns, please contact Suzy Ort, EH Pride Athletic Director at 212

831-1517 x 301 or